Small Groups

Mercy Vineyard's small groups meet weekly to worship, enjoy good food together, study parts of the Bible, and laugh a lot!

We have several small groups, and these form the backbone of our church.  They help us to connect relationally at a deeper level.  You'll find times and locations listed at church on Sunday morning and posted to our Facebook page.

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Outreach and Missions

Jesus taught us very clearly to love the poor, the orphan, the widow, the vulnerable.

We also believe that we must take the Good News to the far ends of the earth. So we take a group to Mexico each year to serve the poor, share Jesus and be a part of his body there. 

We also support, send out and encourage missionaries in places where most have never heard the name of Jesus. 

Sunday Morning Teams

There are a number of behind-the-scenes ways for everyone to be involved and connected at Mercy. Teams like Worship Band, Sound and Media, Greeting and Coffee, Youth, and Kids give everyone a space to serve where they can thrive. We believe that “everyone gets to play,” which means that everyone in the church can serve in some way.

Check out the signup page to get more information about any of our areas to serve.  

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We believe prayer is so important as a church. Not only is it important for us to pray on our own, it is also extremely beneficial to our growth for us to pray with other followers of Jesus. When we pray with others, pray for others, and have others pray for us, the Holy Spirit can touch our lives and speak to us in powerful ways.

We have a prayer time (often called “ministry time”) at the end of each service for anyone to receive prayer for whatever they may want.